5 Problems in Japan 日本社会の5つの問題



Japan is a good country as a tourists or customers. Food is tasty, the quality of customer service is so good. Streets and toilets are so clean. Japan is famous for anime and manga, and you can see a lot of things related to anime and manga everywhere in Japan. Japan is a heaven if you like anime and manga.


Advertisement I found in Shinjuku

Advertisement I found in Shinjuku / 新宿で見つけた広告

However, as living aspect, working aspect, I need to consider about it… Japanese society has a lot of problem… Recession keeps happening over 30 years and never been improved. In this blog, I want to write about 5 problems that Japanese society has.



Overwork / 過重労働

Sometimes, people understand the work “Karoushi” as English. Japanese words 過労死(karoushi) becomes sentence in English (death from overwork). How comes that sometimes people die because of overworking in Japan… In Japan, many people are forced to work too much, and also, have pressure from a company, or society. Some working system are very old and working style is inefficient.

過労死(death from overwork)という言葉が英語として使われるように一部なるほど日本人は働きまくっています。仕事の量が多かったり、非効率的な働き方が改善されず、様々なプレッシャーの中で働きまくっています。

This data is really strange


I am sure that many Japanese people are working over 8 hours a day. I know a lot of people who are working over 10 hours a day. Sometime, people are forced to write as 1 hour even they overwork 3 hours. Some companies or their boss ask for workers to take their jobs to home and finish them at home because companies don’t want to pay for overworking. Japan has more public holidays comparing to Australia, but I am wondering… Are employees working at home or having vacation properly?



Decreasing birthrate and aging / 少子高齢化

The data Japanese government provides


According to the data, in 2035, it is expected that the population of over 65 years old would be 33%.  This problem is serious apparently… What are Japanese government and companies doing to solve this problem long long long time?



Recession / 景気後退

The average salary of Japanese people


Japanese economy was super good until 30 years old…. money was flowed in Japan. Making a lot of products in Japan and sell it to other countries(mainly to USA). The salary in Japan was good and everything was much cheaper. I think that many Japanese people didn’t worry about their future much at that time. However, the happy time finished 30 years ago. The salary became less, and kept almost same salary from a specific term. Everything becomes getting more expensive little by little(Not like Sydney… the city becomes expensive so quick…). So what will happen??? Maybe, you understand it…



Not good environment for entrepreneur / 起業家が生まれにくい

The nail sticks out will get a pounding. And also, in Japan, one mistake could be a crucial even it is not a big problem…. As a result, Japan became a bad society for entrepreneur. I think that many people who want to have a challenge already choose to go to foreign countries to learn or work.

Many Japanese people are shifting to use foreign electronic products or services, not Japanese one, for example, service from GAFA, Instagram, Twitter, LINE, Tiktok… Where is made in Japan?


日本人が使っている電子機器やサービスは海外の物が目立ちます。GAFA(Google, Amazon,Facebook,Amazon)はもちろんのこと、Instagram, Twitter, LINE, Tiktok。。。日本が生み出して世界に羽ばたけるような製品やサービスはどこに。。。Where is made in Japan?


Young people don’t go to election voting / 若年層の投票離れ

Voter turnout in the world


We had vote on 21th July 2019. Surprisingly, the voter turnout was 48.80%….It means less than half Japanese people were not interested in election…. The voter turnout of 18 years old was 34.68%, and the voter turnout of 19 years old was 28.05%. The voter turnout of 2016 was like this…You can tell that young people in Japan are not interested in election much comparing to old Japanese.


So, apparently, Japanese society has some big problems, and I don’t think it is heading to solution, even it is getting worse for a long time… Especially, Decreasing birthrate and aging problem would be a critical issue in near future… I hope that Japanese society would recover from bad situation.


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